Classic Paperio play


The gameplay begins with a small piece of territory that belongs to you. It is highlighted by a specific color in tone with a square that needs to be managed. Your main task is to conquer someone else's territory, and thus expand your territory. It is quite easy to do. You need to use a touchpad or a computer mouse to set a course for the square. It will leave a bright trace. In the end, it will be necessary to gain a foothold in its own territory.
The only difficulty is that you can face your opponents at any moment. In that case, you will either win the spot or lose it. If the line cuts your line while drawing, you lose what you have won (and vice versa). You can sit in one place, but it will be impossible to expand in this way.
The game has its own currency in the form of coins, which allows you to buy special cube skins. This will make you even more spectacular and even more intimidating. 

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Classic Paperio