2 Unblocked


Absolutely every user will love the game 2 Unblocked. Playing it is very fun, as there are an incredible number of levels in the arcade that can "beat" the records of other users. Once you launch the game, it will be difficult to break away from it. Such an adventure will take a very long time, so be prepared for it. The rules are very simple; you just have to manage the square while traveling through the locations and also open up new territories. Other users can also take part in the game, and you need to try to beat them by any means possible.

An interesting io-game where you have to capture the territory by drawing lines. You can't run over your drawing line and you can't let anyone else run into it, which is why it's worthwhile to conquer the area in small portions. If there is an opportunity, try to enter the trail left by the enemy. After each capture, you will see a figure, for example 0.04%; it shows how much new territory you have captured this time. You can enter someone else's territory; in which case you can take it for yourself. On the left you will see your best score, and on the right, you will see your player rating, where you will find yourself by your entered nickname and your color. It is not difficult to take the first positions, but it is difficult to keep them.

The secret to winning 2 is caution and cunning. When you are in your territory, you are invulnerable, so move without moving too far away from your property. If there is any danger, return to yourself, and if the enemy comes to you, boldly attack him and the enemy will die. This way you can take over a huge territory and take first place.

The gameplay in 2 has become more interesting and varied, and the management is more responsive and convenient. While in the first part you could only draw squares or rectangles, in the second part you could draw any shape by moving both in a straight and circular pattern. The graphic component of the game has also been improved, which makes the process of capturing the field even more enjoyable.

By playing 2, you can unlock interesting game skins such as Pig, Duck, Rhinoceros, etc. Skins are given for various achievements, such as capturing a certain part of the playing field, killing a certain number of opponents or taking a high position. Try to open all the skins in this game by completing complex tasks.

By the way, the skins in 2 are not only the special color of the captured area. Besides its unique appearance, each skin changes the texture of the captured area. Your possessions turn into, for example, a meadow for a rhinoceros, a water surface for a duck or mud for a pig. These trifles make the game even more enjoyable and exciting, so you won't want to get away from it for long.